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  1. Indeed "what now", 'seed. With a trade deadline rapidly approaching, it looks like the promotion of Darby means the Bucs may be looking more to the crop of free agents next year.
  2. 1. A partial assention will be quite noticable, as Tony Dungy hovers on the sideline. Later in the game, he comes back down to the ground. 2. Gaines Adams gets his first half-sack on Peyton. Ronde gets in on the tackle. Ironically, Manning is shooting a commercial for Ziploc Sandwich Bags during the play. 3. Cato June scores on an early interception. 4. Sorgi gets to play out the fourth quarter. Colts run the ball to drain the clock. 5. Matt Bryant kicks a long overdue 62 yard FG. Bucs 41, Colts 10.
  3. Two, Luke Petitgout and Carnell Williams went on IR. Two, Kenneth Darby and Dennis Roland were signed from Practice Squad... Where is the roster spot for Torrie Cox, coming off of suspension?
  4. Mellon Slices, Pumpkin Pie... You know, a Peyton Manning theme.
  5. ...seem PFT wants Gruden out of Tampa:
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