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  1. So when you make a play on offense in a regular season game playing for the high flying chiefs, throw up your gansta signs and do gymnastics into the end zone, then get on the phone and mock a call for help for the Bucs defense. But a rookie breaks up a pass to basically lock up the Superbowl and gives Tyyyyyrek his same peace sign and you get a flag and a fine??? This makes perfect sense.
  2. Fournette is a goner. Suh will only be brought back on a cap friendly deal. Gronk will give a deep discount to play one more year w Brady. Brown will only be brought back if he takes a deal that is cap friendly as well. Godwin and Shaq are priorities and should get done. I would put Succop on that list as well. There is possible cap relief from players reworking their deals like Evans, Smith, Pinion, Brate. For such a loaded roster, the Bucs are in pretty good shape. The Bucs actually have the 8th most cap space in the league. There are 13 teams that
  3. First of all fuck off with "negativity" line bullshit. This place took a dump because of the constant negativity by your boys. Oh I'm enjoying it..much more than you know. Like a menstruating 13 year old boy. Ali Muppet and played the rest of the bums played ok.
  4. Matt Stafford's football age and real age are two completely different things. The guy has had the living shit beat out of him for over a decade and had numerous injuries. Regardless of the QBs, having to give all those draft picks because you screwed up in the first place and over paid your QB is laughable. Imagine if the Bucs decided to pay Winston a couple years ago, then decided to "go all in" and trade him to the Lions for Stafford, 2 first rounders and a 3rd. Now imagine not only did the Bucs draft Winston number overall, but the gave up two 1st rounders, 2nd rounders
  5. You mean when the team doesn't fall behind 28-0 early in the 2nd quarter, and when you convert first downs, you are able to call more running plays? Fucking coaches don't know shit about football.
  6. Next time you come in town we should grab a drink.
  7. Cam and the Saints have owned Smith..no doubt about it.
  8. Another game without giving up a sack. Over 500 yards of offense and 46 points. Over 200 yards rushing. The Bucs are 5th best in the NFL in sacks giving up per game at 1.4 Last year the Bucs were 22nd in sacks per game. So it was either all Demar Dotson's fault, or maybe it has to do with the QB and playing from behind in games where the defense knows you're passing every play. The Saints hardly ever give up sacks, yet I watched Jaboo get sacked on back to back plays Sunday. Hmmm.
  9. Wow..just wow. Classic thread. The best part was pulling for the wrong team to win. A Vikings loss would have buried them, but the entertainment value was classic stuff.
  10. So you wanna go double or nothing Gingerbread? You still owe me 100
  11. Wash, rinse and repeat. Every year you old fucks are another year further away from being the NFL's target market.
  12. Still upset about me not knowing Keith Tandy was a coach? Sorry I didn't know that. And looks like I was most likely wrong about Donavon Smith. I'm wrong a lot..my apologies for having an unpopular opinion on a forum designed to give opinions. Hope this helps.
  13. Or defend QB that plays with Snakes or another that eats Ws. I get the feeling that deep down you're hoping the "43 year old" fails.
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