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  1. Hilarious! But... #17 is wrong. I repped you for this creative post. GO BUCS!
  2. Say Indy, you've been a lot better than some of the trolls we get here. Rep 2 U.
  3. Bucs meet the Colts for a pivotal game on Sunday. Join the fun in making your predictions and don’t be shy with daffiness…I’m not. UPSET COMING! Here we go… 1. Monte Kiffin messes with Peyton Manning’s mind and screws up the Colts’ O immensely with a new, effective strategy: every time Manning audibles, Ruud does too, sending the Bucs into a different defensive array. Examples: Chukwurah drops back and changes the 4 – 3 to a 3 – 4. Jackson creeps up and changes the base defense to a nickel. Ruud scampers back to change the D set to 4 – 2 – 2 –3. Phillips cruises to the
  4. Your Caddy analysis is valid...and your post shows your humanity. Rep to you!
  5. Guess he can now teach the younger clowns a thing or two! Bully for Barrett!
  6. Askew was fine as a short-yardage guy at Michigan but the Jets didn't give him many shots at it and Gruden seems to regard him as an occasional pass receiver and lead blocker for the rest of the committee. But I'm happy that Darby is "movin' on up!"
  7. NYC...man that photo does lead to some mental stimulation!
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