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  1. Now he’s a reclamation project, one with great possibilities....or typical Archer disappointment. I’m hoping that he will be more mature in his approach, if so, he will be just fine.
  2. We’ve had our four seats since day one 1976, non stop...crickets.
  3. Sometimes they look like the typical Bucs, then they don’t. First playoff win in 18 years.
  4. Cash’s last contribution to the 2020 season was saving Blake Snell’s arm for the Padres. 😏
  5. Well, I know a few seafood restaurants that had to throw away crab legs.
  6. I don't understand the offense's game plan, we are attacking their strength, dropping back and inviting a very good pass rush the opportunity to come after a largely stationary target. FYI, getting ready for 21-0.
  7. Nice!, Sorry just saw your message, hope you had a good 4th.

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