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  1. My man,


    Finally decided to stop by Cobra, Larrd and Purple's crappy little rebel board and I see they made a fake "me" and post in a style they think sounds like me--just wanted to let you know that wasnt me you spoke with... :facepalm

  2. Yo you werent kidding, Em is taking NO PRISONERS on this album!

  3. My first friend!

  4. Brilliant! Thanks cuz

  5. God forbid we fumble away our most promising DT since Sapp with a Bo Jackson style shenanigan but I wont put anything past the Glazerhouse Triplets

  6. got your pm its all good sorry bout that

  7. Oh yeah he just now called me a Sambo. I drudged up all this info on his real identity and posted it and he freaked out and took the post down. What a pussy.

  8. Hey Nathan J, yeah I just realized Q probably really IS like 85 years old in a nursing home, and up in the morning ready to do battle on Bucschat. Maybe Im doing my small part to entertain the old fart LOL


    BTW I should have put a footnote on my sig linking to your old name on the SPiT lol

  9. Zilla,


    Who's minding the store in your brother's absence? I sent him a pretty serious PM about what I consider (for what its worth!) a pretty serious matter but Im realizing he hasnt been on the board much recently. I know he's got some offboard stuff that he's handling, which is of course a priority, so who would be the best person to reach out to in the meantime?

  10. I don't think so either. Hilliard's will to do something with his spot after being stuck at #3 for several seasons is stronger than's Clayton's is to take it from him. And running uphill to get to the top of the heap is harder than defending your spot.
  11. One thought: the Pittman / Graham package is rather flexible, as either guy can play FB for the other. This could maybe even apply to Askew. Furthermore, with RBs with good hands like Pitt and Graham, we don't tip the D off as to whether its a run, or a RB left in to chip block as we pass out of rushing formations. Don't know if any or all of that is enough to slow down Freeney and Mathis. Hope so.
  12. Absolutely. I'd give you rep but you don't appear to be hurting for it LOL But yeah, I can't say I get why a guy paying child support to 9 kids throws his meal ticket away for weed. Esp a second time offense.
  13. By making catches for first downs or touchdowns, CONSISTENTLY. That way, 2 or 3 eventually turns to 3 or 4, to 4 or 5, etc. until he works his way into a starter position, same way as Hilliard did.
  14. Well you know a powerful influential fella like yourself can work wonders by throwin around a little rep here and there.
  15. Thanks for the kudos; thing is, as it stands right now, he's projected to catch 12 balls for 150 yards, no TDs. Not Jurevicius numbers at all. In 06, he played in 12 games and caught 33 balls for 356 yds and a TD; and in 05, 14 games, 32 balls for 372 yards, no TDs. But considering he was our #2 in 05 and 06, that's actually rather disappointing. He was probably moved to #3 spot precisely because that kind of production justifies a #3 role and they needed #2 type numbers from whoever our #2 receiver is (now Hilliard.) Seriously, he would need to average three times the production
  16. Damn all the motivational stuff--what happened to staying an extra hour or two after practice to run extra routes and catch extra balls? "I like guys who stay in shallow water," Gruden said. "If you start getting real deep, you're going to drown in your thoughts. Catch the damn ball. Protect the ball." That's what the above quote suggests to me. I hope he's doing both, but if he's doing the former (like his bday twin Jerry Rice did, practicing to exhaustion, outworking everyone) then yes, like Seed says, the production will come. But you can't go out and do the town and drink and carou
  17. Thing is Gruden likes to keep Clayton in on run plays to spring big runs downfield. Remember how he liked sending Keyshawn in motion to either block or run routes that mismatched him against a linebacker? If Clayton could catch the damn ball more than once or twice a game, that might actually work to keep the defense off balance.
  18. Sounds like he was inspired his rookie season by being labeled The Guy--but as soon as teams had him figured out after a year's worth of tape, and Galloway returned as The Guy, he couldn't make the adjustment. Sure, he's improved all the other things a WR does, but the fundamentals of route-running and catching and getting yourself open as the #2 option, it's those that he's struggling with. I mean its not like Ike Hilliard is remarkably faster or stronger or more physical than Clayton. He's just a more polished pro who contributed as much as he could in a limited role until he got a nod as th
  19. Well it's not like he manufactured the quotes. Are you trying to discredit the guy or something?
  20. True. Eric avoided contact tho, which is why he had the years he had Im sure.
  21. I've been hearing people say Adrian Peterson is a phenomenon but he runs so upright that he is inviting injury. I think the same applies to Caddy, when you watch his highlights--even on the injury that ended his season, he was running so upright that a solid hit from the defender doubled him backwards and blew his knee out. The only RB I can think of that ran so upright and lasted a long time was Roger Craig, and he had that highstepping style to compensate for it.
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