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  1. My man,


    Finally decided to stop by Cobra, Larrd and Purple's crappy little rebel board and I see they made a fake "me" and post in a style they think sounds like me--just wanted to let you know that wasnt me you spoke with... :facepalm

  2. Yo you werent kidding, Em is taking NO PRISONERS on this album!

  3. My first friend!

  4. Brilliant! Thanks cuz

  5. God forbid we fumble away our most promising DT since Sapp with a Bo Jackson style shenanigan but I wont put anything past the Glazerhouse Triplets

  6. got your pm its all good sorry bout that

  7. Oh yeah he just now called me a Sambo. I drudged up all this info on his real identity and posted it and he freaked out and took the post down. What a pussy.

  8. Hey Nathan J, yeah I just realized Q probably really IS like 85 years old in a nursing home, and up in the morning ready to do battle on Bucschat. Maybe Im doing my small part to entertain the old fart LOL


    BTW I should have put a footnote on my sig linking to your old name on the SPiT lol

  9. Zilla,


    Who's minding the store in your brother's absence? I sent him a pretty serious PM about what I consider (for what its worth!) a pretty serious matter but Im realizing he hasnt been on the board much recently. I know he's got some offboard stuff that he's handling, which is of course a priority, so who would be the best person to reach out to in the meantime?

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