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  1. I thought I chased you off for good, Race-bait. I wish you would have joined in during my No Limit ****** anniversary celebration last month, but I'm glad to see you've found the courage to lurk and rep folks!

  2. Yo - Clear out your pm box . . .

  3. Sheridan made Rah look like Monte (pre 2008)...

  4. Well, the good news is that the Bucs defense was already ruined before Sheridan showed up, BUT he will get props for setting some worst defense ever records.

  5. i respect it tho!

  6. NYC....that was a stupid comment by me. I apologize.


    There was a time I thought you were pulling some legs of the posters here because, too often, I can't tell who's real or not real here. Again...sorry if I offended you.

  7. they won't say a word but something about an online gal that touts her attributes pisses me off. I could care less if she was Cleopatra, her personality sucks.

  8. My man,


    Finally decided to stop by Cobra, Larrd and Purple's crappy little rebel board and I see they made a fake "me" and post in a style they think sounds like me--just wanted to let you know that wasnt me you spoke with... :facepalm

  9. Thanks for your honesty and your two cents! I agree of course as the best jobs creator is your federal infrastructure IMHO.

  10. Yo you werent kidding, Em is taking NO PRISONERS on this album!

  11. "Assuming its a checkpoint where ID is requested and checked out, I think nothing is being searched or seized. PM me if you wanna debate it "


    Yer prolly right , I don't like the Idea , but it'd prolly withstand a legal challenge .............unfortunately

  12. My first friend!

  13. Brilliant! Thanks cuz

  14. The new Eminem: American Nightmare. http://www.mp3va.com/release/186109/Eminem/America's%20Nightmare


    This is where I get my music. Their selection isn't always great (ie, they don't have the new Godsmack yet) but their prices are really good.

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