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  1. I feel dirty for just looking at this profile. Like when you wake up in the morning in a strange motel room you don't remember even going to the night before and finding a used condom under the pillow kind of dirty.

  2. What an absolutely fabulous name!

  3. Chill out my brotha....chill.

  4. It looked a lot more pedestrian when it failed to reach the endzone with a healthy Pontiac Williams in week one against the other team with a winning record that we lost to.
  5. Wishful thinking is believing we would have fared any better today with Williams.
  6. Today's loss of a truly versatile double threat offensive weapon like Pittman for a couple of weeks hurts us a hell of a lot more than losing a one dimensional back like Pontiac Williams for the season and possibly his entire career ever will.
  7. Of course I want a Bucs win. Just like I always do. I'm a Bucs fan after all you know.
  8. Dear god and baby jesus, please let Penn's "want to" keep Freeney out of Garcia's face.
  9. Dear Michael Clayton and baby jesus, please bring your "A" game this week. Touch up the mohawk, put on the war paint and whatever you do, please don't forget to bring your hands. We really need them this week!
  10. It's hard to see it through all the sunshine and lollipops.
  11. We've admittedly squelched some real powerhouse offenses this year, , but can they put the brakes on the Colts?
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