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  1. Who is your bro and why is he sporting a picture of me?

  2. You do rock, brother.

  3. Thanks. One day at a time brothers.

  4. Y O I

    Good to see you back, hope things are going well!

  5. Well I was underwater and using a mask and snorkel so waht part doesn't count?
  6. Snorkeled in Barbados years ago on a surfing trip. (BAL) Before adult life) I was very stoned and a morey eel scared the living shit out of me.
  7. He'll be going to jail soon enough.*****************************
  8. I just had to throw a giant bwahahahahaha out there for all the Bonds fans today, especially this one.
  9. They better score a TD here.
  10. I saw Rhonde's head up close last Friday night and it appears to be quite normal in size.
  11. OK, he's dumb. I retract the psychoanalyitical viewpoint.
  12. I don't know that he's dumb at all. He may be suffering from narcissistic grandiosity and just thought this couldn't be all that bad for him.
  13. "That place" is 5 minutes from my house. It's right on the Toms River. When they did the movie everybody in the county was trying to get a part as an extra. The house has sold several times over the years and looks nothing like that now.
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