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  1. I like the Bucs chances tonight, the entire offense is now in sync with 3 starting WRs in the lineup. Defense secondary is still questionable but Devin White returning is a sure boost to the pass rush.
  2. Ironically Brady was already a 2nd year player.
  3. I personally think the Bucs can beat either team, however the former Redskins have a top 3 Defense in the NFL this year and sack the hell out of opposing QBs.
  4. With all of this talk of unsafe websites and facebook it may be a good time to discuss the game tomorrow. On paper the Bucs should win this game 38 to 17, however that means nothing in 2020. Perhaps Brady can start moving the ball in the 1st quarter this week instead waiting until midway in the 2nd to get warmed up. Totally winnable game.
  5. What happened to the usual band of hooligans associated with a typical Sunday?- Apparently some of these people really took the Biden win hard
  6. Bucs need to run the ball the entire 4th quarter
  7. Brady is horrible- This team's season is done if they lose today
  8. Vikings have one of the worst Defenses in the NFL in 2020 Brady should be able to light these guys up with 4 TDS today
  9. I expect this game to be a high scoring affair with little or no defense on either side. Bucs 39 Vikes 37
  10. Might as well sign Dirk Diggler that way the Bucs can be thorough in their fucking up.
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