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  1. Here we go again- Can the Bucs shake the ghost of public humiliation from 2 weeks ago and show a national audience of football fans they are a legit playoff team.
  2. Stupid play calling from the get go- how many 3rd and 4 or 4th and 4 to go and Brady slings the ball 30 yards downfield instead just trying to get the first down- that kept happening.
  3. No more, the Bucs are just NOT a primetime night team, for whatever reason when a national audience is tuned in they just become a reincarnation of the Jets.
  4. Ive been saying this all season- The Bucs throw entirely too much- even when they are winning by 2 scores in the 4 quarter they still throw- It finally bit them in the ass- Leftwich & Bruce need to really evaluate how they call an offense
  5. Brady looked like he was playing with Covid tonight - confused, indecisive, slow, took a tremendous amount of energy to throw a 10 yard pass. Maybe it's the cold weather, it's not like 19 years in Foxboro was warm.
  6. Rays maybe would have won game six 1-0 they still would have lost game 7- The Dodgers have a stacked team that has been to the series 3 times in the last 4 years
  7. In case it hasn't been discussed; Joe Buck is Gay for the Dodgers.
  8. It looked unintentional as Young's head went down right as Nickerson's knee was coming across.
  9. The Good news is we only need to score 14 points to beat the Giants
  10. there is nobody on the bench better than Snell- That was a major Fuckup
  11. Today is Christmas to Steve McLendon- He just left the worst team in the NFL for a possible Super Bowl contender in the sunny state of Gators and Meth!
  12. I prefer the late games- The game was nationally televised and the only other game was Phins vs the Jets.
  13. Some players just take longer to develop, clearly that is the case with RoJo, having a better QB that makes the defense respect the pass and improved O-line creating large holes also helps.
  14. Solid chance of 8-8 this year- They can do it. 2 games against ATL Giants Vikings Lions
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