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  1. I foresee a lot of illegal contact penalties in my future....and possibly some unnecessary roughing as well. I'd better stockpile my nitroglycerin, just in case.
  2. or having to worry about finishing before you have a coronary....
  3. Yeah, I get that a lot from my parole officer......
  4. Something else we need to consider when Ass-essing the overall talent level of the squad.....do we have figures on the age ranges of these prospects? We have to make sure of the proper mix of solid, proven veteran talent and leadership to be mixed with youthful rookie enthusiasm. While on any given Sunday there will be blown assignments, we need to make sure the starting vets have capable backups to spell them so they're still going after the ball carrier....and not too gassed to make a play. Conditioning is key.
  5. Yeah, motion like that in the backfield will definitely freeze a defense.
  6. Nice job polluting this thread asshat. Hey mods, help a guy out and nuke that pic would ya?
  7. It looks like running up the middle isn't a bad offensive plan now....unless someone else comes along and crack blocks us....
  8. Do we have game film showing spread formations, maybe some end arounds or 5 wide receiver sets? We need to make sure the receiving corps has sufficient, uh, depth....
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