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  1. If I was a kicker for the Bucs I'd ask Jameis to kick all the field goals. Nobody cares if he sucks.
  2. Of course "innocent until proven guilty" applies and many people were willing to forgive and forget if it would have remained an isolated incident. Except Jameis "I don't give a shit you can't touch me" Winston decides he needed to steal crab legs and then sing obscene song lyrics while standing on a table. The rape allegation may be bogus but combine that with the ensuing acts and he has made himself indefensible. I am a die hard FSU fan and I won't waste one breath defending him.
  3. It's impressive but let's not forget what conference we're talking about. If they manage to go undefeated again then I'd be willing to give him a little more credit....... but I still wouldn't use a 1st round pick on him. Prediction: Louisville beats FSU
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