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  1. The low percentage bomb to scooter Miller has worked a few times but I'm never a fan of throwing a 50-50 ball to a midget.
  2. Don Smith has made Cam Jordan a very rich man. Just ask Cam he will tell you.
  3. 4-5 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. 3 weeks seems optimistic.
  4. The Jameis curse is on you too. It's on all of us.
  5. Abandoning the run caused the entire thing to snowball. The defense was all night right back on the field. The offense would try and throw 50 yard bombs in 50 mph winds. It was dumb. I expected to see WR screens to AB and then some action off those formations. Nothing. It was putrid.
  6. I remember in 1999 Chucky's Raiders beat us 45-0. Let's hope this is like that.
  7. Simply no reason to continue fly routes and go patterns in this wind. Especially on 4th down
  8. Sometimes these guys have to prove how smart they are. They end up outsmarted themselves.
  9. Funny, I was reading a couple of weeks ago you quit the board. And Poof, you're back with the wins.
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