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  1. He also has single handedly ruined Cam Brate's chance at a hall of fame career because he's always been jealous of him.
  2. Congrats to all my Buc brothers and sisters. SB! I know I puked somewhere last night. Probably why the wife isn't talking to me. Oh well!?! Go Bucs!
  3. Vita Vea did not play the first time. 2 of their OL who won't be there this time did. It will be a different game but KC is still talented enough to win it.
  4. Rams OL and D are nasty. They can run the effing ball. Goff did suck bad. I think if I'm spending that type of coin it's for Deshaun though. If this gets them a ring worth it.
  5. Goff sucks. So maybe the lions were all if you want us to take that guy it's gonna cost 2. And the Rams were we have ti give up 2 to offload him? Worth it....
  6. We can agree to disagree friend. I said to anyone who would listen getting Brady was only worth it if this was the result. This is the result so it was worth it. Good move. I think his biggest contribution is getting the rest of the team to buy in and believe.
  7. I've had a sober January. Was the hardest to not have a drink as the game wore on. Thank God the SB is in Feb. Go Bucs!
  8. Devin was the best player on the field go bucs. Tyler Johnson catch was insane.
  9. Meaning they have deep flaws. The secondary is routinely beat deep in the 1st half of games by good teams and adjustments aren't made till half time. The offense will not commit to running the ball when they should to take pressure off and Brady has looked like a deer in headlights against good teams. Yet BA and BL continue to drop him back 7 steps in those situations and try and chuck it 40 yards downfield, especially on 3rd and 3. But hey we came back to beat a shitty Falcons team and beat a really shitty Lions team. I wouldn't say winning the SB should be how this season is judge
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