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  1. Tampa Bay 38-K.C. 33 Flying down next Sunday its gonna be a great week
  2. Dude, I have been pacing all day!! I got three cheese heads coming over...Hope we bury them again
  3. Lets jus hope Barrett goes off this Sunday!!!
  4. I believe UB was going with Otis the town drunk from the Andy Griffith show.
  5. 06:00 PM EST NFL Total Access 07:00 PM EST NFL Total Access 08:00 PM EST The Super Bowl That Wasn't 09:00 PM EST Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints NFL NETWORK ON-AIR ROSTER
  6. Forget it I see you texted me back.....See ya in a couple of weeks
  7. I woke up at like 3:50 this morning and they were relaying the game so I watched it again...Still hasn't sunk in
  8. That felt so good last time they won a playoff game I was in my 30's ....Man that was a long time ago
  9. I really like you!!You are not a bad dude!! Even if you're from the Jersey!!!! Some people can't help where they are born at for fucks sake I live in Toledo This coaching staff is trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.. Adjust your calls around the talent you have.That is what good coaches do...
  10. I agree just feel like they panicked at the end of the game and didn't use the timeouts correctly
  11. I don't get as upset as you guys but the use of our timeouts at the end of the game was ridiculous
  12. This is on the coaching staff and Brady ....they were slapped around
  13. I waited all week for this? The Chiefs are gonna destroy this team...
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