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  1. Tampa Bay 38-K.C. 33 Flying down next Sunday its gonna be a great week
  2. Dude, I have been pacing all day!! I got three cheese heads coming over...Hope we bury them again
  3. Lets jus hope Barrett goes off this Sunday!!!
  4. I believe UB was going with Otis the town drunk from the Andy Griffith show.
  5. 06:00 PM EST NFL Total Access 07:00 PM EST NFL Total Access 08:00 PM EST The Super Bowl That Wasn't 09:00 PM EST Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints NFL NETWORK ON-AIR ROSTER
  6. Forget it I see you texted me back.....See ya in a couple of weeks
  7. I woke up at like 3:50 this morning and they were relaying the game so I watched it again...Still hasn't sunk in
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