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  1. I really like you!!You are not a bad dude!! Even if you're from the Jersey!!!! Some people can't help where they are born at for fucks sake I live in Toledo This coaching staff is trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.. Adjust your calls around the talent you have.That is what good coaches do...
  2. If he ain't gonna pay 100.00 he might as well owe ya 200.00
  3. I had people over to the crib knowing it was an 8:30 game I had 4 beers and 2 shots from 1 till 8:00 ...I stayed sober to watch that cluster fuck of a game!!! If I would have known it was gonna be that bad I would have gotten fallen down drunk at 4:00
  4. Just out of curiosity what were you doing at 26?
  5. Tom Brady looked like shit as did the whole team of quitters.....
  6. On the bright side we held them to 38
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