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  1. Seems to be complete confusion in the defensive backfield.
  2. Or a nearby Waffle House parking lot. I hear lots of pocket change to be made there (as well as free dumpster buffet).
  3. Not only having the time, but watching him scan the field in that time is amazing.
  4. I honestly think that AB is here to allow Evans about two weeks of solid rest and no play. AB, by reputation, will garner the double teams and/or top cover guy that Evans attracts. This will allow Evans to sit long enough to get really healthy for the stretch run. And two weeks is about how long AB will be able to play before the inevitable melt down and the Bucs can cut him lose for nothing and get Evans back on the field in full health.
  5. I think this is a rule interpretation aimed specifically at QB's. I believe Aikman pointed that out in the broadcast that the rule is now interpreted this way because it was too problematic for defensive players to figure out if a slide occurred or not. And I saw elsewhere that it is specific only to QB's running down field and is not applied if QB is scrambling and goes down unassisted.
  6. Speaking of which, Eddie Van Halen has died. 2020, worst year ever...
  7. Good point. Please disregard my previous suggestion.....
  8. Maybe the Bucs need to get someone infected with Covid so the game is delayed and we get some folk back healthy. Started to say that sarcastically, but might actually be a workable strategy....
  9. All the money is in "Llamas Next Door"... …check out these hotties showing off all the goods!!!
  10. I will also chip in, just show me how. I would also throw out the idea of a Patreon account if it will work with this forum. A regular income stream with a bunch of $1-5 a month Patreon Patrons would probably help with the month to month book keeping.
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