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  1. I’ve posted on occasion, but mostly enjoy reading through the boards during active times. Thanks for setting up the new board. I look forward to the switch.
  2. On the bright side, Michael Strahan's sham of a sack record will surely fall.
  3. After the Bucs selected the versatile offensive lineman in round 3, I guess I’m okay with selecting Trask. He is a smart pocket passer who makes good reads and doesn’t cripple the offense with bad turnovers. Plus, he can learn under Brady for a year or two. That being said, I would more comfortable with the pick if Arians was 58 instead of 68. I’m guessing Arians will retire after Brady hangs it up for good. So, unless the plan is for Leftwich to take over after Arians steps down, Trask will be playing for a new coach who didn’t draft him, and in a new system.
  4. Those passes were there the whole game. Thanks for waking the fuck up, Leftwich.
  5. Hard to believe. But it looks like the offense has quit on the coaches.
  6. I guess Todd Bowles won’t be getting a head coaching job again soon.
  7. It’s a shame the Vikings won today. Because scoreboard watching other teams lose is the only way this piece of shit team will make the playoffs as a #6 or #7 seed.
  8. Run the fucking ball and stop trying to chuck the ball deep. The play calling is embarrassing. Leftwich is not a quality offensive coordinator.
  9. Bucs are 7-3 with two very losable games coming up against the Rams and the Chiefs. Vikings are 4-5 with three very winnable games against the Cowboys, Panthers and Jaguars. So, there is a very real possibility that when the Bucs play the Vikings on December 13th, both teams 7-5 and fighting for the last wildcard spot.
  10. The strangest play I remember was a game against the Bears back in 1986. Steve Young threw an interception. The Bears defenders lateral the ball a couple of times, during which a Bucs' wide receiver catches the lateral and runs it in for a touchdown. I guess it constitutes a fumble recovery for a td?
  11. Roots for the Bucs to win every other NFC team with a .500 over better record to lose. This is the way.
  12. There's a method to the madness that the uninitiated might overlook.
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