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  1. Well,... at least the game is on the east coast... that should make a difference. Oh. Wait. So were the other two games. Damn.
  2. Giants coach is getting a fine for swearing at the officials without a mask.
  3. My roku went out... Damn... I am going to miss the end of the game.
  4. Will the Buccaneers make a god damned play on defense to close this out... that 4th down play was bad tackling. Why, why, why.
  5. I would have challenged that spot... and I would have called the sneak on 3rd down.
  6. Defense must make some plays here. They need to stomp on this drive and get a 3 and out.
  7. Yeah... not sure about the Brate call... I agree the defender really can't do much to avoid that. Nice TD throw and catch.
  8. Its called bad play calling. The first play should have been a pass.
  9. We have to score a TD on this possession. Not a field goal.
  10. Giants defense is outplaying the Buccaneers defense. Period.
  11. Our run play design is not GOOD... .or the blocking sucks... or both.
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