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  1. It's pitch and catch for Ryan. Not sure what the plan was today from Bowles.
  2. Atlanta's defense is teeing off. You'd think Leftwich would call something to make them think twice. A misdirection. A play action. A draw. Anything. On the flip side, you have Bowles running after his own tail, totally disjointed because Matt Ryan keeps using a hard play action. Even the talking heads are laughing at it. Falcons haven't had a run game in years. Coaching is about 75% of this teams problem.
  3. Leftwich is in over his head and has been all season. Brady missed Godwin. Once.
  4. If it wasn't for Dan Bailey, the Bucs would miss the playoffs. Fucking clown show.
  5. Williams did his job. Got them closer to landing the top overall pick. Then be gets shit canned lol.
  6. It's all breaking down. Just in time for the Bucs upcoming regular season collapse lol.
  7. 19 carries for Rojo the last two weeks - combined.
  8. BA's jumped the shark. Time to make some damn adjustments starting with putting Lefty back in the sand box until he's ready to call plays in the NFL.
  9. The o-line in 2002 went on a pretty solid run late in the year. The group was solid if not spectacular. Aside from that though, this team never seems to have an o-line that can just maul the opponent and grind out a win. Always pressure on the QB - whether its Jameis, Brady, Fitz, Glennon, McCown, Freeman, whomever - and always running plays that get blown up 5 yards behind the line.
  10. The decision to leave Carlton Davis on an island with Hill was a bad one. It became even worse when #24 got scorched for about 200 yards in one quarter, and Bowles still refused to switch up the coverage. The Saints and Rams games showed the same stubborn coaching. Stuck in zone schemes and got picked apart. Whatever Bowles comes up with the during the week - that's what he is sticking with on game day - no matter what. As for the offense, Leftwich is in over his head and Arians is even more stubborn than Bowles.
  11. lol, thanks NNUD. NJ or Toledo...that's a tough call, lol. We'll see what they do during the bye week. Arians is stubborn. Leftwich is clueless. It's not a good look for the offense. Bowles runs hot and cold. When's he off, he's really off.
  12. Nah, not a pussy. Nothing has been thinly veiled. You just don't seem to post as often, or perhaps you're the one that's butt hurt. And if you want, I'll be more direct. You're a fucking moron if you don't think the coaching staff has sucked out loud for the better part of a month. Started with the Giants game and its been an issue ever since. The Saints game the most notable example. Instead you tried to show how smart you are, or aren't, by hanging your hat on 'the team didn't show up.' Fuck you. That better?
  13. As we've been told, the coaching isn't the problem. The players just fail to show up in big games. Trailing 20-7 to start the half, the Bucs move the ball inside the Chiefs' 10 yard line. What do we get... 1. Fournette up the middle. For 1 yard. 2. Miller in motion. Brady roll out. Swing pass to Fournette. For negative yards. 3. Incomplete pass. Antonio Brown. Mike Evans. Cameron Brate. Gronk. Godwin. Rojo. None of them touched the ball on that series. Instead, Leonard fucking Fournette. But yeah, Lefty and Arians are fine. Nothing to see here. Players just
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