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  1. Nah, not a pussy. Nothing has been thinly veiled. You just don't seem to post as often, or perhaps you're the one that's butt hurt. And if you want, I'll be more direct. You're a fucking moron if you don't think the coaching staff has sucked out loud for the better part of a month. Started with the Giants game and its been an issue ever since. The Saints game the most notable example. Instead you tried to show how smart you are, or aren't, by hanging your hat on 'the team didn't show up.' Fuck you. That better?
  2. This game is worrisome. I see some similarities with what the Rams and Giants do on offense although Goff's not as mobile as Jones. Also, hopefully Marpet's back because Aaron Donald looms large.
  3. We can sing the praises of the QB for the improved o-line play. Sure. Reasonable enough. And even with that improved play, Donovan Smith still sucks asshole. The narrative last year was that his struggles were the by-product of a shitty QB. So without that to cling to, we now just ignore Smith's shitty play and sing the praises of the line as a whole - which is performing well despite Smith not because of him.
  4. Brady's just too out of control in the pocket! Dong doesn't know whom to block.
  5. Watson doesn't seem like he's going to be much of an option regardless of Antonio Brown. He's had a chance each of the last two years and he hasn't made an impact. For Miller, Brady's looking less his way but I also feel part of the issue is opposing defense's having more of a scouting report on him. For Johnson, absolutely think he has a long-term future with the Bucs. What happens in 2020 won't matter for him too much. He's a factor going forward, IMHO.
  6. Would be surprised if we see Brees again in the regular season. But stranger things have happened.
  7. Wirfs is everything Dong Smith was supposed to be.
  8. Still going to be tough for the Bucs to win the division. Losing to the Saints is what it is. The one that really sticks out like a sore thumb - the loss to Chicago. IIRC, the Bears haven't won a game since then. That one's going to bite them in the ass.
  9. lol. I remember the highlights of that run. He was so awkward and unnatural running the football.
  10. Yup. Really wouldn't be surprised if they win up 8-8 or 9-7 and outside of the playoffs. Pre-season expectations were based on Jackson duplicating the MVP season, and he's not even close to doing that.
  11. One perfect block surrounded by numerous whiffs. Take what you can get, I suppose. That run was a game changer and he did come through.
  12. Fucking amazing what happens when you actually try to run the god damn ball.
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