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  1. Offense has zero excuses this year. Unless Brady actually starts exhibiting his age, this will be the first time I can recall where the team is entering a season without any major deficiencies. Even the first Bucs superbowl team had questions about the RBs, speed at receiver, age of the defense, etc. This one is all about whether Brady will continue to be Brady or not. Guess we should all voice how much we doubt him - he tends to thrive when that is the prevalent attitude.
  2. Just to be clear, I’m not a college ball guy at all. I watch highlight films of positions of interest, that’s about it. But I’ve never seen a Gator QB live up to the hype at all. We had a FSU QB help us win a Lombardi once, but I think he’s the only one from that school that had any real accomplishments. I’m not in the whole UF V FSU war at all, just noting that UF QBs always seem to fail to meet expectations at the next level. The combination of that observation with the fact that Trask has never beaten out competition on his own team at any level makes me think it’s unlikely he
  3. We are the routinely butt-bucc'd fans of this league. Last year was a crazy, unbelievable storybook finish to the Brady signing that we all thought was better, but was probably not going to result in a Lombardi. It did. So now things are awesome. The team improved dramatically after the bye, and crushed every tough team it faced on the way to winning the championship. The last time I felt this good after a season Peyton Manning and the Colts hit us with a gut punch on MNF that we took nearly two decades to fully recover from. Are we in for a hangover? Is it possible that BA and Br
  4. If you're talking ROI, being a backup QB is easily the best. Minimal opportunities to get hurt, particularly with current day CBA rules about practices with contact. Maximum opportunities to draw a lot of money to watch film and make notes for your QB1.
  5. I don't know for sure. Both are hitting us at about 6 million, Brate at 6.5. Brate is reliably productive. Howard is all potential and not much production at this stage of his career. Neither counts for dead money in 2021 if cut. Given what Howard has done so far, continuing to bet on his potential is hard when you'd be letting go of a solid performer in Brate. But it could certainly go that way.
  6. I think they might be able to get more money with a Jensen restructure. That should free up enough for AB and Suh.
  7. I don't wish him luck. He regularly underachieved when he was supposed to be our guy, and then pushes his face on camera 'eating a W' after riding pine during one of the Saints wins during the regular season. Had he maintained some class and humility? Sure. I'd be all about wishing him luck. As is? Fuck that guy. I look forward to when he's a shitty footnote, like the rest of the long list of NFL QBs that had all the talent in the world but couldn't figure out how to put it together on the field.
  8. Succop, Gronk, AB should jump back in. I think Fournette is probably going to be headed elsewhere, as good as he was for us.
  9. Unpopular opinion: At vet minimum I think it's not the worst idea to have him around as a backup. Nunez Rochez is a free agent, and he's going to end up getting paid more than vet minimum. They won't be able to keep all of the free agents, and I think McCoy at this stage is probably a decent player if he's used in occasional duty. Might learn something from Suh and Vea, too.
  10. I might have to change my avatar. Much as I still love that moment in the Eagles game, Devin White kneeling after that interception was every bit as awesome. Points of awesome that occurred to me today: Those of us that remember the old SPiT forums will definitely recall the taunts from Packer fans talking about their SB wins - claiming Title Town crap. The Bucs have just as many titles post merger as the Packers - and after the seasons of the Rays and the Lighting, Champa Bay is looking a bit more like Title town than Green Bay. (Edited because HANGOVER and didn't realize I failed to f
  11. This place is dead, we come back here because some of us have as be been arguing since the 90's. But today was insane. Today was beautiful. If you've been a lifetime Bucs fan for at least 10 years, today you are my brother. This was unprecedented and insane. I am drunk.
  12. Sure. All the billions in revenue that are generated by the NFL, and you think that this highly contagious cold is going to stop it? Wrong. Just like the highly contagious cold didn't stop the big box stores from lining dozens of people up wearing improper masks and standing well within 6' of each other, there's too much money involved for this to prevent the NFL. The money generated from the NFL dwarfs the other professional leagues in terms of ad revenue, merchandising, television contracts, etc. Even in the ratings downturn over the past years, Goodell has been very good at keeping th
  13. Collinsworth specifically shocked me by stating "I think they're a good football team". There was a general reluctant consensus of this, and when Costa asked them if they felt the Bucs could beat the Colts in Indianapolis, they basically stated that there's a chance, but that the likelihood is that the Colts will win the game. I can't disagree with that assessment at all. I believe our chances are good, particularly with the injuries the Colts have, but the fact is that we've got a pretty big question mark at LT now so we'll have some issues offensively. I think if the D plays the
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