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  1. Frank used to give that jackass so called moderator/Bucs beat writer hell on TBO🤣 Back then I used TBO more than The SPIT because of the formats
  2. I saw last night where the NFL channel claimed that the Bucs had the 4th easiest schedule based on last yrs opponent's records. That doesn't look like an easy schedule to me.
  3. Trask's Pro day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy7QuYnuR1E
  4. Special teams, if he makes the team.
  5. The Bucs will not carry 4 QBs.. Brady and Trask are locks.. Let the competition for backup begin.
  6. And, apparently they considered him (Trask) in the first rd. 😲 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0joTr0q06RA
  7. I'd like to see a Movie/Music section but would really prefer no Political section.
  8. When Brady calls it a day in two yrs, Arians will too. And naturally the new regime will want "Their" guy.. If the next HC isn't on the staff already then Trask will end up being a wasted 2nd rd pick.
  9. Ah yes, a sub forum entitled "The South End of a North Bound Goat" Again, what could possibly gone wrong? 🤣
  10. Would like to see the give Zo Neal's boy a shot if he goes undrafted
  11. Woah, too early imo.. But he'll get to learn behind the best
  12. Suh is on what will probably be his last 1 yr deal so DT wouldn't surprise me tho this is a weak DT draft class by all accounts. So my money is on a Edge if one worth the spot is there. A trade out wouldn't shock me either.
  13. THAT was an awesome win today! The Yankees are presently 5-10 largely because of the Rays 🤘🤘
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