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  1. Yeah, well thanks for keeping the competitive balance of the league in mind when you decided to take up a roster spot and not bother playing.


    OK, OK, I will do my best to get a win or two...........roster has been revamped, should be good for at leat 20 points now!:wtf


    And I didnt choose not to play, I lost both WR's, QB, and my RB for extended periods of time.......any moves would have still left me with a goosegg in the win column.

  2. You should probably be happy that Illinois won, in the grand scheme of things. It keeps that moron Zook in your conference for at least another year. He'll find a way to destroy all the momentum he just built up for his team by beating Penn State.


    I know many will not belive it, but I was much more worried about this weeks game than I was for UM.


    This will not be the biggest win for the Illini this season, bank it.

  3. You owe me a beer.


    Damn computers, I found it a minute too late.


    BTW, what search did you use?


    First hit for me with "JoePA leg".


    Well after tommorow, I will buy you the beer, and let Sid have the backwash for his interest!

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