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  1. OSU Buckeyes are still undefeated after beat JoePa and the Nittany Lions AT HAPPY VALLEY to boot. Is that considered a quality win? YES IT IS!


    I know many will chalk it up as homerism but.........


    Regardless of your thoughts on the conference debate a win on the road in the Big Ten, SEC, or any major conference is a quality win. OSU still has a major hurdle to end the season at Michigan.


    I really thought PSU had a chance, mainly because I thought OSU was greatly over rated, however they impressed me on offense, virtually moving the ball at will in a hostile road venue. I expected the D to be tough, but the play of the O was astounding.


    The QB has been there for ever biding his time, Beanie Wells is a gamer, and the WR's and TE played lights out.


    I still think LSU might be the better team, but as much as it pains me the Buckeyes are a close second.

  2. Yeah, well thanks for keeping the competitive balance of the league in mind when you decided to take up a roster spot and not bother playing.


    OK, OK, I will do my best to get a win or two...........roster has been revamped, should be good for at leat 20 points now!:wtf


    And I didnt choose not to play, I lost both WR's, QB, and my RB for extended periods of time.......any moves would have still left me with a goosegg in the win column.

  3. Regardless of what he was or was not, the injury he suffered will in all likleyhood keep him from ever building on or even come close to his rookie season.


    The NFL is a hard life, and in reality Caddy had about as many seasons as the average player does.


    He is not the first high draft pick to have such misfortune, and certainly will not be the last.


    IMO, any hopes of him being a 20+ touch type of back again have a very small chance of being realized.


    As far as how much his injury hurts, it's hard to say, the running game has been doing well. But is that because of the runners, the blockers, or the QB play?

  4. Wisconsin.gif



    Oh you're not going to get an arguement out of me on that one. Our D is going to be the death of us sooner or later. Horrid! and ranked #5 right now? PLEASE


    Sorry, I would like to tow the conference line, but they let way too many teams hang around, I just don't see them as a top 10 team.


    If it makes you feel any better I feel the same way about the Buckeyes as well.


    If Henne comes back and plays well I still think UM is the team to beat.


    Will be interesting to see if the Lions could get by both UW and OSU at home, how much higher they could climb in the pools, but at this point all I'm hoping for is another Outback Bowl bid!

  5. You should probably be happy that Illinois won, in the grand scheme of things. It keeps that moron Zook in your conference for at least another year. He'll find a way to destroy all the momentum he just built up for his team by beating Penn State.


    I know many will not belive it, but I was much more worried about this weeks game than I was for UM.


    This will not be the biggest win for the Illini this season, bank it.

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