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  1. Y O I

    Good to see you back, hope things are going well!

  2. You and NNUD up late talkin dirty to each other?

  3. Wake up dood, this was for the PAST season, and I posted it on 5/24/07.......and yes I believe the staff was involved as well.
  4. HOLY SHIT..........I scored over 50 points this week........still lost though.
  5. OK, OK, I will do my best to get a win or two...........roster has been revamped, should be good for at leat 20 points now! And I didnt choose not to play, I lost both WR's, QB, and my RB for extended periods of time.......any moves would have still left me with a goosegg in the win column.
  6. Quit your bitchin..it has been a dead team since week 1, all opponents have benifited with a W.
  7. I hope not! More like a "keep" on losing league in my case if it is.
  8. The only thing I have to look forward to is the top pick in next years draft......0-12 should be a breeze!
  9. AND you negative repped me????? HARSH dude! 4 of my 7 neg reps compliments of PP, where can i get a restraining order?
  10. Twist my arm? OK, OK you win........I can stumble home from there!
  11. I know many will not belive it, but I was much more worried about this weeks game than I was for UM. This will not be the biggest win for the Illini this season, bank it.
  12. Damn, guess it will have to be Bar Louie for a Guiness and Cider then, you BASTARD!
  13. You kick me out of one thread, and follow me to pile on? 15 yards - unsportsman like conduct!
  14. Damn computers, I found it a minute too late. BTW, what search did you use? First hit for me with "JoePA leg". Well after tommorow, I will buy you the beer, and let Sid have the backwash for his interest!
  15. If I could find it, I would trump zooker with the 80 year old JoePa snapping his stick! (BIG BUC BREW TO THE FIRST TO POST IT)
  16. We were just getting warmed up and you pull the JESSE card??????
  17. Ohhh goodie, "your momma" jokes must be next!
  18. Well that was quicker than I expected, didn't expect you to blow a gasket for another three or four posts.....
  19. Please excuse Caner, he doesn't know which team to browbeat at his point. If he had any sack he would be proping the Dukies for hangin with the U, or FSU for getting past the Tide.
  20. BIG win, congrats BULLS!
  21. tubby sounded very confident at halftime, guess he was wrong!
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