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  1. Y O I

    Good to see you back, hope things are going well!

  2. You and NNUD up late talkin dirty to each other?

  3. They did, he went down last week! Depending on LP to solve the OL woes never was an idea I was found of.
  4. Regardless of what he was or was not, the injury he suffered will in all likleyhood keep him from ever building on or even come close to his rookie season. The NFL is a hard life, and in reality Caddy had about as many seasons as the average player does. He is not the first high draft pick to have such misfortune, and certainly will not be the last. IMO, any hopes of him being a 20+ touch type of back again have a very small chance of being realized. As far as how much his injury hurts, it's hard to say, the running game has been doing well. But is that because of the runners,
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