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  1. It is official. Bucs vs Dallas on Thursday Night Football. Bucs play at New England on Sunday Night Football in Week 4. Those are the two leaks from the schedule for the Bucs.
  2. Chicago has been eliminated (will play the Rams on Sunday night) and Buffalo will be December 12 at 4:25 on CBS. If you go back by markets, New York Giants and Dallas are favorites. Possible game interest and dark horse is The Saints.
  3. 16 games has been around since 1978 which is the longest stretch of number games in a season. Two seasons in that stretch were 9 and 15 games due to strikes. 12 nd 14 game seasons were about the same number of years. Way back, the season could be short as 8 or as long as 16 as teams would go bankrupt. The funniest team was the Los Angeles Buccaneers who were a barnstorming team in the 1920s but who played most of their games out of Chicago. They did not try to lose like the Washington Generals but they were a ready opponent when a NFL team could not find an opponent. Mike Evans has
  4. It is only going to get worse as the 17 game schedule is a prelude to the 18 game schedule.
  5. Since you ask, i would never bask in talking trash to Trask. It would be too difficult of a task to mask. I would need enough alcohol to fit in a cask and not a small amount that fits in a flask to disparage QB Kyle Trask
  6. If Blaine decided he did not want to be Tom Brady's backup anymore. That he demanded to be the starting QB instead of Brady. Would it be called The Blaine Mutiny?
  7. If they have an expanded practice squad rules like last year, I could see Griffin there. In the past veterans like Griffin or Gabbert as veterans were not eligible for the practice squad.
  8. Brady inviting Trask to start throwing the ball with him. Aaron Rodgers inviting the Packers GM to fish with him in a crocodile infested swamp. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2021/05/07/tom-brady-invited-kyle-trask-to-begin-throwing-with-him/
  9. Ahead 3-0 with two outs in the 7th, he brings a RH against Zunino. Home run. Rays down 3-1. In the 8th inning, Rays score 7 runs off the bullpen and send 12 men to the plate. Angels 3-0 lead turns into a 8-3 deficit. Rays are now 18-15.
  10. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-claim-olb-ladarius-hamilton-free-agency-2021
  11. Both Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson complaints started this off season as the Bucs not only signed Tom Brady but took Brady's advice on adding several players he wanted. Rodgers has the additional issue of Jordan Love. It was noticed around the rest of the nFL that listening to a NFL star player might not always be a bad idea.
  12. Listed as one year 2.5 million but no discussion on whether there is phony baloney ways to make ir count less. It is 2 million with 500K as incentives and probably likely not to be achieved.
  13. I have watched just about every Buccaneer content online including numerous podcasts. When you are retired, you can really enjoy an unexpected SB championship.
  14. ASJ, the alcohol dependent TE who was beaten out by an undrafted FA in Cameron Brate. Admittedly we used two picks to move up to the second round to get him. Licht did draft a Groza award winning FG kicker from UM this year but as an UDFA.
  15. Art Schlichter doesn't count?😂 They have had 4 QBs drafted as QBs. The option QB were drafted for other positions. One died in a training as a fighter pilot in WW II on a training mission in England. Don Scott Art Schlichter who was a human crime wave due to his gambling addiction. It is a career of gambling addiction that he could never break. See Link. It is very long and detailed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Schlichter Haskins was an athletic QB who could not read defenses or have a decent work ethic. Cut by Washington. Owner wanted him. Draft scouts and Riveria wh
  16. Can not judge a QB by the University. Patrick Mahomes is the only guy from Texas Tech to be anything as a QB from Texas. BYU QBs were nothing special except for Steve Young. He would have been a dud too if Tampa had not traded to the Niners. The last Bama QB to do anything in the NFL was Ken Stabler, Before that Joe Namath. Do you skip Miami of Ohio and Big Ben in 2004 because no QBs have ever succeeded there before. Just like I would not draft Pittsburgh QBs since Marino came from there. The Bucs loaded on UM QBs based on guys like Jim Kelly and Bernie Kosar. Vinny T was terrible until
  17. Number 9 UDFA. Bucs are signing West Virginia receiver T.J. Simmons as a ninth undrafted rookie free agent. Eight TD catches over last two years for Mountaineers.
  18. Here are eight reported UDFA signings for Bucs: Florida A&M OT Calvin Ashley Navy DB Cameron Kinley Miami K Jose Borregales Iowa State S Lawrence White Cincinnati DL Elijah Ponder FAU OLB Leighton McCarthy South Carolina G Sadarius Hutcherson Stony Brook S Augie Contressa The Kicker from Miami was really good. That Navy kid who is UDFA cornerback is 6'2" and 204 pounds. Don't know if he has the speed but that is a big corner.
  19. Josh Fleming gets no runs again in his start.
  20. And stick to it. Backslide on politics and I will read long passages of Pliny the Elder. He had a nephew called Pliny the Younger. I can go back to thousands of year BC or move forward to future political theorists that have not been born yet
  21. Bucs pick ND OT (likely converted to OG/Center) Robert Hainsey.
  22. Rays got 2 runs in the 9th to lose 9-2. The Astros relief pitcher was named Scrub.
  23. The Rams picked a WR who weighs 149 pounds at WR in the second round. He said that scale was wrong and that he weighs 160. NFLN was 155. Players name is Tutu Atwell far more macho than Juju
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