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  1. Godwin with another drop. Then he makes a harder catch on a short ball.
  2. Godwin with the TD. Make that extra point. Fournette lost his footing or he would have it. Questionable 2 point try so early.
  3. This kid is mobile which is always a problem for our defense.
  4. Dungy drafted Anthony and Green as WR. Anthony and Green left for Washington to be with their college coach. Anthony did not make the team. Green was a 5th WR and punt returner. When Green complained, Spurrier cut him. They were high first round choice (Anthony) and Green a high second round choice. McCardell and Jurevicius made the Bucs a SB WR corp. Keyshawn was good but he could not do it alone. Dudley and Dilger was an upgrade at TEs. Pittman was not as good as Dunn but it was either Dunn or Simeon Rice as far as the cap. The players we bought under Dungy/McKay in 2000-01 in Jeff Christie
  5. Win percentage for the Falcons by ESPN is 92%. It seems like it should be higher. All the Florida NFL teams are being shut out.
  6. Brady again misses a Wide open WR. No one was near him. That could have been a long gain as no one was near Godwin.
  7. Vikings are possessing the ball almost the entire first quarter. Likely to be 12:50 of a 15 minute quarter. Vikings start the 2nd quarter first and goal at the 5. You can't score without the ball. The D is going to wear down. Vikings lead 6-0. They missed the extra point.
  8. The Punch line to the Jets loss is the Assistant to Gregg Williams at DC is Gregg Williams son. They made Frank Bush as DC and passed over Gregg Williams son although he is still on staff- as of this minute. It will not be long before the whole Jets staff is cleaned out.
  9. The matchup was the Alabama WR first round pick Henry Ruggs III against a Jets DB who was a rookie UDFA in a one on one matchup. What could possibly go wrong? the Jets DC was "Dr. Heat" Gregg Williams.
  10. We do not have any check down routes on third and short.
  11. It also ticks me that they use the time of kickoff as often many these games that reach way below the kickoff temperature including a 13-10 OT win in Tampa on Sunday Night over Favre and Green Bay in 1995 on a Sunday night. That win was significant as it broke the 10 loss season streak that occurred from 1983-94. It was the first year of Glazer ownership. Bucs were 7-7 after that win before getting blown out in the last two games.
  12. Now the word is Hill and not Winston will be starting against the Falcons.
  13. I reviewed every game Winston played at NFL.com. It was like watching a young Dan Marino and Ryan Leaf in the same game. He made incredible throws that virtually no QB could make. He made bad throws that no one should make. He was like Brett Favre but even Favre had his limits on what risks he would take. If he just sucked, he would have been an easy decision. His decision making skills got worse as he got more experience. Yet the spectacular plays increased as well. The last 4 games as a Buc summarized his career. GOAT Greatest of all Time vs Goat as one of the most bone headed QBs that ever
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