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  1. They are here. https://bucschat.online/forums/index.php?sid=bc35d986804bc23c7fe8f2c49a09bc28
  2. Mathman -- if you are using hotmail, it has a problem. I used yahoo and got my verification. PM me your email address and I'll get Blacque to set you up.
  3. I told Blacque about your issues trying to register at the new board...and he said he can create your registration and send you a temporary password (which you can change). PM me your email address.
  4. I'm sure you already thought of this, but did you check your spam folder?
  5. RMC -- any luck yet? If you still haven't received a confirmation email, try again...it may be an automated process...
  6. Hey all - the new version of Bucschat has been launched and ready for business. Two ways to access: Front page - www.bucschat.online Direct to forums page - www.bucschat.online/forums Look forward to seeing you all there!
  7. The landing page is up…the rest is coming soon…so you can bookmark it now. https://bucschat.online/
  8. Dude...just read some of those old posts -- mine included -- to and quote Kenny Chesney, "I go baaaaaack...." PhilGar...loved that dude! Wish I could've met him. Ryan/Annalisa -- great couple whom I DID meet once when I had a business trip in DC...Ryan was just as funny in person, and Annalisa lived up to her role as the good looking "beer wench" who loved to eat quesadillas. JagRoar -- OMFG!!! Pete Newell who was afraid of black shoes and the Bucs' "Disney" uniforms. Dance, clown boy... Kama'aian Bucman -- fellow military Buc fan...and he was living the dream in Hawaii
  9. AB played an integral part of last season's SB season...and even played hurt in the SB and caught a TD. He may be a douche, but he's OUR douche now...and as long as he refrains from his criminal activity outside the white lines, I'm primarily concerned what he does inside the white lines.
  10. Funny you should bring those forums up...I originally "joined" the St Pete Times forum in 1995 and recall when that forum would get as little as 2-3 posts a day. That traffic is better than what this site gets nowadays! Very sad.
  11. Hey Blaque - any updates on the status? This post here is the first post in over a week...this place is dying...
  12. ...he needs the money to keep paying off lawsuits and legal fees. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31444445/antonio-brown-sued-assault-battery-moving-truck-driver This sort of reminds me of the old Buffalo/Tennessee/Denver RB Travis Henry who had 11 kids from 10 women and had to play just to pay the child support.
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