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  1. There is a need for a tight end from UF. I am sure of it.
  2. If they keep Winston, and I expect they will. I hope they still draft a potential replacement. So if Winston remains inconsistent they have a backup plan.
  3. There was an article in the StPete times debunking that graphic
  4. Yea, and he kept bending it by missing by just that much...
  5. With Winston, the Bucs can put up points. The question, then, is. How many more points does Winston produce, once you take away the points he gives the other teams by his turnovers that could be replaced by another quarterback who doesn't throw as many interceptions, nor give as many points to the other team.. once you improve the ability of the defense to defend a short field. I have found the equation. Just have to wait till the end of the season to get the values to enter in the equation...
  6. Still on the roller coaster rising up to the top. Will it be an awesome loop de loop or a scary fall down, down, down. The defense seems to be figuring it out. That's great. I couldn't watch the game because of plumbing issues. Someone said Winston had more touch on his throws. The Kid has talents, It is still his negative proclivities that I don't appreciate. At this point, as he does every year, I am guessing that his peaks are enough to keep him in Tampa. Valley's be damned. Will his peeks or peaks pique us?
  7. I've never liked Winston. I am tired of the on again off again QB play. I am ready to move on. I don't think the Bucs will though. The defense does seem to be figuring it out though. That will help be good enough to win some games and maybe make the playoffs but likely lose because you just can't turn it over against good teams and hope to win.
  8. Winning just means another ride on the same roller coaster, ups and downers, over and over. I am ready for a real change.
  9. Sounds as if Fason has a chance for a greater positive influence on the world even without fanfare.
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