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  1. Dotson would give Brady 69 for free.
  2. A chilling reminder of Dilfer in 2001... "Jameis Winston Bids Tampa Bay Farewell: See You At The Super Bowl!" https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jameis-winston-bids-tampa-bay-160742564.html
  3. But does he flash? Does he pop? We need to use our first round pick on someone who will compete for reps in camp. What is Love's Flash & Pop quotient?
  4. Howard was drafted five rounds ahead of Kittle. Too bad we don't have that John Lynch guy who is GM of the Niners.
  5. Give Gay's and Howard's salaries to Winston. Those two are worthless, anyway.
  6. Keep Winston but teach the offense how to tackle.
  7. Another 98 passing yards gets Winston to 5K. If he has another 300 yard game he moves into a tie for 4th place all time single season passing yards behind only Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady. Or, the Bucs could decide to sit Jameis out - which would leave him where he is today at #19 all time. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_yds_single_season.htm
  8. Jameis Winston has a good shot at a 5,000+ passing yards season. Many a good QB never achieved that milestone. Drew Brees has 5, I believe Tom Brady only has one. No Buccaneer QB came anywhere close.
  9. I never want to hear the name Jameis Winston again, or see his ugly face.
  10. We don't need Snook putting his KoD on all of the Buc draft picks.
  11. Go out on a limb and tell us which ones will compete for reps in camp. That's the true test, twink.
  12. Didn't Duemig once insist that the Glazers had sold the Bucs to DeBartolo? I'm thinking it was during Super Bowl week. His "sources" told him so.
  13. Love him, or hate him, the guy was a local sports radio legend for Bucs and Bolts fans. Steve Duemig, dead at age 65.
  14. Expect Licht to leave Nashville with a record haul of Grand Ol' draft picks: Little Jimmy Dickens at ILB; Junior Samples at WR; String Bean at LT; Grand Pa Jones at RB; George "Goober" Lindsey at FS; LuLu Roman at DT; and Gunilla Hutton at TE. (Gruden trades up to steal Minnie Pearl from us in Rd 2.)
  15. Changing teams would be Gerald's best opportunity to make it to the SUH-per Bowl.
  16. Too bad we didn't ditch Mike Smith sooner.
  17. Whatever happened to that "next Peyton Manning" we drafted in round three a few years back? I think his name was Glenn something.
  18. I saw both Smith and Theismann play a few years ago at the American Century Golf Classic in Lake Tahoe. Mark Rypien, too. Not spooky. Just interesting.
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