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  1. The running game was non-factor on Sunday without Caddy. Just like it was when Williams had to leave the Seattle game early in the second half with sore ribs (from Tatupu's helmet). I'm amazed by those who thought the loss of Caddy would have little impact.
  2. We have zero chance. No need to even show up. Indy 70 Bucs 0
  3. How about Tom Brady instead of David Gibson in 2000? I wonder how that would have worked out.
  4. Yeah, we have been much better off taking the player who went at the 6th overall pick.
  5. I'd bet that the Chicago Bears would kill to get 3.9 ypc from the RB they drafted immediately before the guy drafted #5 overall.
  6. We're 3-1 right now. How much of loss it is not having Caddy can be evaluated after the season. Let's hope you are right.
  7. The Bucs should throw a parade on Main Street. They would only need one car for the entire team.
  8. I like it. I don't know if Pittman and Graham will be able to get the job done, but I do think they deserve the chance. It helps with team chemistry to promote Darby instead of bringing in a bigger name back from another team.
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