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  1. There are plenty of things the bucs can do to create more space. I doubt brate plays here for 6 mil although he may be signed for less.
  2. It's not a bad pick but they really need to get a high end edge go replace hop next year. That will affect the cap much more than rb will. I don't think they sign fournette and use pick 32 on a back
  3. Probably my favorite opponent player in any sport. He should be good on and.
  4. Yeah baby!! Probably spells the end of brate. At least on his current deal.
  5. Any reason this site has been giving me a security warning since the last time I logged into this shithole?
  6. I don't disagree but its funny that it's Andy Reid we're talking about as elite in recalling comments about him when he was with the Eagles and early with the Chiefs.
  7. The Bucs I think are better than the Rams. The Bucs are going to have trouble beating the Falcons in either game as I think the Falcons are much better than their record. Looking at 9-7 or maybe 10-6.
  8. Apparently part of the reason for being forced to play was evidence that the Broncos were not following Covid protocol. The NFL is now forced to play the Ravens/Steelers game tomorrow night which also probably shouldn't happen. We're probably headed to a week long shutdown of the league which will probably happen during the Bucs bye week so they won't get the advantage of the bye week.
  9. Lets revisit the Saints game in thinly veiled posts every week because we're butthurt about a retort to a misguided opinion. What a pussy.
  10. The could but I don't think they will. Their one saving grace, particularly with all of the Covid happenings likely to worsen as the season goes on is that teams may just lay down for them the way they did for the Saints a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I don't know what Denver will do but I suspect a power running game ala the 1970's without any real preparation is going to be remarkably dull.
  12. NYC....that was a stupid comment by me. I apologize.


    There was a time I thought you were pulling some legs of the posters here because, too often, I can't tell who's real or not real here. Again...sorry if I offended you.

  13. Penn's been active and in the rotation since pre season. Roland's been on the practice squad. There's no competition. Roland likely won't even be active this Sunday.
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