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  1. The Bucs I think are better than the Rams. The Bucs are going to have trouble beating the Falcons in either game as I think the Falcons are much better than their record. Looking at 9-7 or maybe 10-6.
  2. I could always go watch it at my in-laws in a hazmat suit and instead of asking who #3 is, he can ask who #12 is.
  3. That just sounds too good. Agony is my pleasure.
  4. I'm trying to decide between two activities for Monday Night. I can watch the Bucs/Rams game....I know I know...who would ever do that. The second choice is something my friends have come up with. Driving off a cliff in your car. Essentially you get a good rolling start in your ride up to about 75 mph and then go right over the edge of a cliff. Now I'm afraid of heights anyway so this in itself I hope doesn't have me black out because I wouldn't want to miss the sheer terror of the drop nor would I want to miss the initial contact with the ground. From what I've been to told the sound and the
  5. Brady's not looking his way because he's not on the field. Miller had 9 offensive snaps. Bucs played a lot of 11 and 12 personnel in addition which had Evans, Godwin, Gronk and either AB or Brate and/or Auclair.
  6. I've read it is a minimum of 2-3 weeks and some who've had rib and lung injuries have mentioned that end of season is more likely. We'll see. As much as we all know Winston's warts he certainly has the ability to string a bunch of games in which the Saints can outscore the opponent.
  7. Might be nice for the Bucs to figure out what the issue is during the night games. They've been anywhere from DNP to okay all season.
  8. Yeah but that's all in the course of a days....oops....I mean hours work for you.
  9. It's going to be Winston and I'm not at this point looking at this as a point and laugh situation.
  10. The Super Bowl halftime show is often related to new releases and touring. That's extremely limited this year so I'd imagine most big names would prefer to not "waste" their opportunity right now.
  11. My wife pretty much said the same thing and I agreed with her. I'm sure it's all Covid related somehow in terms of the setup and setting and who wants to commit for this year.
  12. You'll be dancin' in the aisles just like everyone else on this thread. This is the one thread we can count on every year.
  13. We need guys bouncing on one leg playing guitars in a fuckin skirt dammit!!!!!!! fwiw-I'm aware of who The Weeknd is as my wife is on the pulse unlike you old fuckers. Since he performs at least a few of his tunes with other artists such as Drake, it's probable that some of those acts will be part of the show.
  14. ....oh.....and I guess the coaching staff needed to remind the team that this was a big game. It's not as if anyone on the roster would be aware that they were playing a team they were battling for the division lead or the team which had kicked their ass for 4 straight games. Maybe if the media had focused on the game just a bit more than they did to the point of more than any Bucs game in recent memory they would have been fired up just a little more.
  15. You think Brady doesn't choose who to throw to. Blame the fuckin' game plan all you want. An NFL team could not practice for a week prior to a game vs another NFL team and be competitive. It's basically happened this year. You know why? Because the players decided to play the fuckin game instead of curling into a ball at the first sign of adversity.
  16. I don't give a shit what the fuckin' game plan was, the team has to show up to carry it out. The collective 53 man unit and coaching staff completely folded in the face of adversity. They didn't show up. That score should never happen in this game even in a situation which the teams are undermanned or overmatched. That certainly shouldnt be the case in this game. This also isn't the '99 game vs the Raiders which was in Oakland. This was a home game for the Bucs. The single worst loss I've seen this team incur.
  17. Brady has the option of changing any play he wants. He didn't do it and he also could have changed into some of those pass options. Lack of want to can destroy any game plan come up with. Attributing last night's loss to strategy is just stupid.
  18. Right. A team gets the shit kicked out of them because they don't want to play and it's a "gameplan" issue. That must make it easier to rationalize....or something.
  19. Give me a fuckin' break. When a team full of veterans doesn't show up, it's not the coaches fault. This isn't college. It's up to the players to put an effort into the game and it wasn't done.
  20. It's been said already. The entire team was inactive.
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