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  1. Manning is layed out by Brooks on the 1st series. He is no longer able to come to the line and wave his arms around like he's landing a jet fighter on a carrier deck. With the dolts no longer able to change up plays at the line Buc's sail to a win. After the game all the talking heads once again say how this really wasn't a test for Tampa and they are still not all that good. Next weeks game will show us what this team is really made of and if they are any good or not.
  2. OK. Who's up and smokin? Brisket is on. This ones gonna be rough. It's on an hour late, wife's alarm clock didn't go off. The butcher screwed it too because he trimmed the fat cap. WHO IN THE WORLD TRIMS THE FAT CAP ON A BRISKET. Must be a colts fan.
  3. tb just tell um championship teams find a way to overcome problems. We heard it enough when we were a walking MASH unit.
  4. Saddly he won't. I really hope we stomp the crap out of these guys. One of the dolts fans in my office told me today they were gonna stomp us into the G.D. cracks. They are getting pretty close to as bad a the pats fans. Of course when we win we'll here the usuall b.s. about them having all the injurys. FWIW they have faced two offensive units ranked higher than ours Denver, Houston. Houston is up on us by one spot. They have not faced a D ranked as high as ours.
  5. Oh shit! Now that is funny. I can hardly type this I'm laughing so hard. "Excuse me mama. Does this look like an upside down u to you?" Oh also DO NOT, repet DO NOT cut the fat off, slice it with hash lines or puncture it.
  6. Didn't we run into this same garbage the year we won the super bowl? Never how well the team played but how the others didn't show up, had injurys, or in the big game because we knew what they'd be running. I'm hearing all the smack talk at work about how the Buc's are going to be tested this week facing, a real team so on and so on. Of course when we win it'll be all the injurys hurts etc. Funny how when we were playing with enough wounded to fill a M.A.S.H. unit it was no reason to lose. Good teams overcome these problems.
  7. Pretty much what the article said Bucarino. One of the dolts fan in our office said he's good but not that big a deal. "He was out all but 4 games and the post season last year we did fine." The SI story was how they'd shut down others in the 1st 4 games he played. When he made it back for the playoffs they started to shut others down again.
  8. Graham be da man. He will do well. This is the chance he's been looking for whcih will turn in to a pleasent suprise for all.
  9. SI had an article on Bob Sanders. It said when he was out last year the dolts d did well but did show a drop off. Guy is strong support for them and hits like a freight train.
  10. Ain't wastin no time. Got's ta eat so might as well make what I like and how I like it. Also something to do while waiting for the game. The other upside is since the wife didn't have to cook she isn't tired when she thanks me for it later that night and well, lets just say my guess is it's a hell of a lot better than your inflate a mate. Still trying to uncurl my toes from last weeks thank you. Now I forgot to mention I tried the bloody mary last week with old bay seasoning on the rim. As Andy Griffith would say had he drank Mmmmmmmmm Goooooooood. I also threw in the asparag
  11. Now look what Bozo's gone and done. Soon he'll have his own show on TV.
  12. Why waste the time on the phone? Eat the book it'll have more taste.
  13. Well NYC that's one thing we have in common. Horseradish is good stuff. Now for 2, wasabi? Now if you guys are talking about horseradish in some other way well then Brisket cooking 101: Selecting the cut of meat. Max out at 10 lbs. Needs to have a white to cream color fat cap and good marbling through out the meat. When held in the middle by one hand the cut should bow or bend down into an upside down u shape. Cooking: Soak for a min 24 hours in bag with marinade in cooler or refrigerator. Allow to come to room temp before smoking. Cook with fat cap up. As we did wi
  14. Can someone post a link or commet at to where Gruden want's the N.D. job? No attack on you NYC. I've seen others post this here as well. I've read his two books and each one points out he is not a fan of N.D. like he once was. He was very big on them because his dad had a job with them. He got to meet the players, watch practice and be around them as a kid. Because of this he rooted for them the family painted the basement green & gold etc. When they and how they canned his dad turned him off to them quite a bit according to what I've read. You are spot on Pirate. What busin
  15. I hope no one minds me starting another one of these for this week. It appeard to be one people had fun with last week so I thought: Hey Wolf why not give it shot this week too. Plus I don't want to break any mojo it may have started. I'm thinking something along the lines of cowboy chow. Our Buc's are moving in from the sea to play round up and Colt bustin and well trail food just sounds right. Of course we could go Indian. They used horse's too. Might do a brisket this sunday. So what are your thoughts. Food, Drinks, Snacks ? And like last week I have one idea I wo
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