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  2. They are here. https://bucschat.online/forums/index.php?sid=bc35d986804bc23c7fe8f2c49a09bc28
  3. We should crush Miami, so a great game to watch. Can't believe how bad Gronk got hurt
  4. Earlier
  5. Lucky we won that one. We have terrible CB's, safetys and the lb rush good but don't do much blocking a pass. The receivers best learn how to catch wet balls too. I think Brady was a little out of sorts playing back at his ol home stadium. Wish Gronk could have at least made the trip but a puntured lung might not be to good at 20,000 ft. But it's a win!
  6. Can't wait for the game tonight. I expect Bucs to kick ass!
  7. Hello Buc Nation can you guys please sign my Jersey for my 2 baby boys they been dealing with sickle cell for while now and there pain is unbearable at times but they love bucs just like I do and they love our team I was just wondering can the team sign the Jersey for my sons please and thank you
  8. Yeah...after Gabbert went out the game sucked out loud. BTW come on over to the new board. Most of the old gang are coming over slowly but surely. Anyway hope to see you around.
  9. Glad I fell asleep at halftime and just woke a few times to se more terrible play. What an arm Trask has. He be a lucky guy to be able to stick around with Brady. Heard there were 2 bets in Vegas the Bucs would go 17-0. I don't think so but love to watch it happen.
  10. It must have worked coz I've seen you online the new forum.
  11. Signed up on the new board. Having the same issue... no email and I can't login because the account is inactive.
  12. Mathman -- if you are using hotmail, it has a problem. I used yahoo and got my verification. PM me your email address and I'll get Blacque to set you up.
  13. Seems to be a problem with the verification emails. Haven't received mine yet either.
  14. I already approved your login. You should be able to login with your user name and password without worrying about the email. Just so you know, hotmail will block emails such as that on occasion.
  15. Yep. It’s been a busy week but pretty soon I’ll try signing up with a different email address.
  16. I told Blacque about your issues trying to register at the new board...and he said he can create your registration and send you a temporary password (which you can change). PM me your email address.
  17. I'm sure you already thought of this, but did you check your spam folder?
  18. Tried it three times and nothing... maybe I need to use a different email address. I try to only use my old Hotmail one for anything that's a registration or sign-up thing.
  19. RMC -- any luck yet? If you still haven't received a confirmation email, try again...it may be an automated process...
  20. So I just tried to create an account but it's been a few hours without the confirmation email... how long before I need to assume it's not coming? The username is TheConspiracy - if anyone is able to re-send it or check...
  21. Hey all - the new version of Bucschat has been launched and ready for business. Two ways to access: Front page - www.bucschat.online Direct to forums page - www.bucschat.online/forums Look forward to seeing you all there!
  22. The forum is up. Still have some things to tweak but what I would like is to have everyone that reads this register and post when registered. Two methods to enter the forums. from the homepage of bucschat.online and clicking the box OR direct to by going to bucschat.online/forums. Guests are only allowed 'READ ONLY' access. Thanks so much for your patience. Get the word out. I am doing adwords to get some traffic, but your word will bring more sticky customers. See you there.
  23. Let's continue and keep this going..rally the troops
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