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I'm pumped. I think he will get along great with the locker room and coaches. I'd much rather have him than let Wilson get him. As long as Smith holds up and we don't get injuries we are loaded. If he doesn't fit in he will be banned from facilities and it will be a nothingburger. Lotto ticket with nothing to lose.

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59 minutes ago, Axe said:

Gives him 2 weeks to fuck something up..

We need to hope, we saw what Douche-on Jackoffson did to the locker room. 


Maybe JPP will just glare at him, AB says some shit and JPP just fucking beats him senseless. I’d like that if AB was off the team and JPP wasn’t punished.


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But after reportedly getting into an argument with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and skipping practices leading up to a Week 17 game against the Bengals in 2018, Brown was benched.

Brown eventually requested a trade and was dealt in March 2019 to the Raiders in exchange for third- and a fifth-round draft picks that year.

His time with the Raiders was short and bizarre. In training camp, Brown posted a picture of his heavily blistered feet on Instagram, and it was later revealed the cause was frostbite due to not wearing proper footwear during a cryotherapy session.

The injury forced Brown to miss 10 of the 11 training camp practices.

More drama also surrounded Brown. He threatened to retire if he was forced to wear a new helmet. He found another one that didn’t meet league standards and began missing practices while filing grievances against the league.

Missing practices prompted Raiders general manager Mike Mayock to fine Brown $54,000 for unexcused absences. Brown posted a letter about the fines on Instagram and confronted Mayock, reportedly calling him a “cracker,” which Brown denied.

The Raiders voided the guaranteed money in Brown’s contract. That’s when he demanded and was granted his release.  



We don't have enough targets to go around already. Yeah let's piss off the best WR tandem in the game by bringing in the most selfish, mentally unstable fucknut not named Jonny Manziel.  What the fuck could go fucking wrong? 

Fuck yourself, Tom Brady. You mercenary motherfucker. This isn;t the Bucs. Even if there is some post season success, not sustainable. Fucking fucking fucks. 



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