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Game Day Thread -Packers @ Bucs 10/19/20

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If you left in a hissy fit and don't have the balls to just come back and post as you were then just stay away. Many have left and come back including me and T but we weren't pussy's about it.

Now I'll go visit some other Bucs MB and one or two dumbasses will be taking 5 paragraphs to explain how Devin White really wasn't all over the fuckin' field today and that he missed a B gap contain i

Holy crap does Lavonte David remind me of Mr. Derrick Brooks.

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Ok.  Half time.  The game is not over and the Bucs could end up losing.  Let's see how they come out in the 2nd half.  I have often said this team lacks a killer instinct and doesn't put teams away.  They need to do so now.  Can't leave it all up to the defense as we know Bowles and his habit of playing soft coverage when the Bucs have a good lead.  Let's see what happens.

I 've said it before and I will say it again.  Thank GOD we have the right 93 out there.  Suh is a monster.

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