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Our WR corp is crippled for this Thursday,

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I'm hoping Gronk has been held back and given a chance to get back in form. I expect to see a lot more of him this evening. Agree, some guys have to step up and I believe Ive seen 1 but cant remember who it was.


Let's hope we have the team we believe and the  d  really steps up,


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4 hours ago, Dunn_Deal28 said:

This is where Brady's greatness comes through. He will make everyone better. Didn't necessarily happen last year with New England but I'm beginning to think his subpar season, at least by his standards, were the result of the power struggle with BB more than a decline in skills.

HEY BUDDY!  Great to see you back. I’ve been worrying about you DD.  HOWS EVERYTHING?

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9 hours ago, Rc Moonie said:

Maybe janestime will whop your mini me and send you to Albany to make money on mail prostitution's and I hope you get sucker sucker for a decent amount of milller McDonald's time estimate to try Tyler Turner asshole just lnelr twice..you king of gaggle them menus to see your asshkle

Tell me more about this “mail prostitution.”

Is there a website?

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