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Fournette has speed for a big guy

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2 minutes ago, rook said:

He reached top speed of 21.44 MPH on his game clinching TD run. Only Scotty Miller on a pass he dropped in the end zone and Jamal Dean on one punt he covered ran faster than Fournette

in the game.


I'm a bit surprised to see Watson make a top speed list.

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Combine times may not always reflect on field speed but I saw that Fournette's combine time was better than Carolina DB Rasul Douglas and the safety Tre Boston.

One of the funniest responses I got was from a NFL scout when I asked how a slow guy like Steve Largent could  beat Bucs db Rod Jones by a mile on a pass route.

He said Rod Jones was the fastest db in football who  could never run fast in the right direction when covering  a WR.

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I was surprised he was so good at running the pass routes so early in the season. That was an aggressive move on that 3rd down conversion. He already made the first down when he caught the ball and ran it a half yard short of the TD. I am glad the team rewarded with a TD carry on the next play.

BTW, the biggest TD vulture in the NFL is QB Josh Allen of Buffalo.

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2 hours ago, oxygen15 said:

Don't know why Rojo is still the starter. LF > RJ. McCoy came up big on third downs and is also > RJ. 

Still, looking so forward to watching todays game. Third week in row is the Fox National Game. I am in NH and THAT is damn near a miracle. 

I know, I'm kind of pissed that I paid for Sunday Ticket.   Although the Panthers game wasn't on here. 

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