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MNF Tonight Important for Bucs -- Saints at Chuckies

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It will be interesting to see how things go. I am rooting for Gruden. I liked him as a coach and thought the Glazers fucked up when they fired him.

I wonder if/when defenses start creeping up on Brees. His arm appears shot. I think teams are going to dare him to throw intermediate to deep as the season moves on.

Gruden is without a doubt the most animated and entertaining coach in the NFL,  still hasn't won jack squat since the 2002 Super Bowl Season. 

2 hours ago, JOEinPHX said:

Is it just me, or is this play-by-play announcer the most irritating human on the planet?

Levy's a studio host and should have remained so. Riddick is a studio analyst (and a good one) and should have remained so. He's got the Mike Mayock syndrome. He can't concisely express his analysis so he's still talking about a play which was 3 snaps ago. Griese's actually decent given a decent PBP guy.

I thought it would be pretty bad and they haven't disappointed.

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