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DCs aren't worried about Brady and Gronk

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2 hours ago, Justafan said:

Huh, I wasn't familiar with her work.  Apparently Diana Russini is worth listening to looking at.

Dianna Russini - BODY at the ESPYS Pre-Party - Arrivals

My Dad was, of course, was from a different generation. He would've described her this way: "If she ever fell forward, she wouldn't hit her face."

I think that would be updated these days to something like "That bitch got big titties to fuck and cum on her face." I think I even heard that in some lyrics the other day. 

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9 hours ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

An article on NESN focusing completely on former New England players....and not in a positive light. Who'd a thunk it?

For all we know the anonymous DC's might have said "we really aren't worried about Gronk." and left out the "we have no fuckin' clue what we're going to do with Evans, Godwin or even Howard"


I have Buclov's Dog syndrome. It's the Bucs so anything will go to the fuckening. 

But how sweet it would be to see Brady and the offense set new bests at everything and meanwhile watch the Belichodes drown in their own vomit. 


Like I said -- more likely it's the Bucs drowning in Blame Goobert's wankathon after Brady goes down in game 2 with a career ending injury. 

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