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Will we have a season Fans or no Fans

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I suppose, will we even be able to have Mini camp and training camp......90 plus players and a whole bunches of coaches. and what ever Folks it takes to hold Camp...do you just test everyone and keep them from leaving.....Ive been around a long time and this is crazy Shit.....and still I can't believe the possibility of not having a season is even possible...somebody talk me of the ledge....

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I doubt we have a season. We may see a start to the season but the chances of zero players and all of those who need to be involved coming down with the virus is pretty remote and thus whatever gets started will be stopped. This is all assuming there's no mass vaccine and/or standard treatment beyond go home and drink a lot of fluids and head to the hospital if it gets serious.

A few people get it and it all stops.

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I think they'll figure out a way to make it work, even though a few people will get it.  But how the hell will they have any fans in the stadium?  Fortunately, most of the stadiums are already set up to pump fan noise in. :).    Of course this all assumes that the corona virus doesn't stay in the body and continue to slowly do damage.  Maybe, they'll just play it through Madden  and call it a day.

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IF they can figure out a test that takes like an hour, I think they’ll get the season to happen by testing every person who’s near the field before every game, but there won’t be fans in the seats.  The problem is that any outbreak amongst a team could lead to them not being able to field a full team really quickly.  Then what?  Forfeiting games?  Rescheduling for when?!

Maybe some states will allow certain crowds to gather because they know something we don’t, but in Chicago I have a hard time believing any major event is going to involve a crowd for at least this year.  

All the concerts will be canceled, sporting, events if they happen, won’t have fans, the air show doesn’t stand a chance.  Even businesses that open are going to do so assuming mask use and distancing requirements, which still means no restaurants since you have to eat.  It also probably means no movie theaters unless they want to assign seating that’s far away.  ...and on and on...

We can’t just reopen things because we’re bored with quarantine without risking going back to square one and starting this whole mess all over again.  It has to really be under control first.  

Then there are the liability issues that will have tons of businesses erring on the side of caution...

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The biggest problem is what Rich Mckay mentions and that is a team not being able to field a team for a game. What happens if an entire Defensive Line gets it as a for instance?

At this point, despite what a lot of people hope or believe, the virus is not under control and it's possible that it may not be until there is either a vaccine or standard treatment available which both appear to be many months away at the very least.

Then there is the issue of a player dying from the virus and the league being liable because it can be argued the players were forced to show up for work. I think one or some of the soccer leagues in Europe are dealing with this very issue right now.

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9 hours ago, bucs63 said:

BREAKING NEWS: Max McGee cleaned his own roof.

One of the greatest bucschat threads of all time. 


Here is a link -- 



BucForce started it off with a bang after Apple's shameless plug. It only gets better from there. 


BucForce said: 



Thanks for this update, Apple.


Max McGee died on October 20, 2007.




Yes, some of us casual fans have even heard of Pam Bondi. In fact, she was just re-elected as Florida's attorney general.


Maybe some of us remember Bob Graham? I wonder if his roof needs cleaning."




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Maybe the league just has a simulated season. The Bucs season still still fuckin disappoints damnit! Fuck that bitch computer right in the pussy.

Computer simulation projects Tampa Bay Buccaneers' season with Tom Brady ... and it's not great

Tampa Bay doesn’t see big Tom Brady boost

Gary Gorski is the CEO and founder of Wolverine Studios, a realistic sports simulation site not affiliated with the NFL, and he ran 100 simulations of the season with the new-look Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers were better with Brady in the simulations, but still not great.

The average record for the Buccaneers in the Wolverine Studios simulations was 9-7. That is two games better than the 7-9 record of last season, but surely not what Tampa Bay is expecting this season. The simulation had Tampa Bay making the playoffs 32 percent of the time and winning the NFC South 16 percent of the time. The Bucs won the championship once in 100 simulations.

Brady’s simulated stats? He averaged 4,315 yards, 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in the Wolverine Studios simulation. That would be great for a 43-year-old quarterback, but apparently it wouldn’t result in a phenomenal season for the Bucs.

(This is the cool part...)

How good can Bucs be with Brady?

Gorski and Wolverine Studios also simulated what the 2019 season would have looked like if Brady and Jameis Winston had switched spots, which might give a little bit of insight into the value of the two quarterbacks.

The 2019 Buccaneers went 8-8 with Brady in the simulation, one game better than the actual results. The 2019 Patriots’ average record with Winston in Wolverine Studios’ simulation was 8-8, four games worse than their actual 12-4 record.


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4 hours ago, jobuc597 said:

If we are Lucky and you have a QB that sucks like Goobert maybe he's here to simply keep Brady's Balls inflated properly

Well let's see. 

Blaine Gabbert, QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at NFL.com




Gisele Bundchen STUNS In String Bikini On Costa Rica Beach


She actually does resemble a horse. So yeah, I'd rather have Goobert tend to properly inflating my balls. 

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5 hours ago, Cantankeris said:

Any question of whether COVID will prevent the NFL from having a 2020 season was immediately answered the very second Brady signed. 

Unfortunately, it was a 2 year contract, so we'll be Madden only until at least 2022.

My take on it exactly, Tank. 

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"Will we have a season Fans or no Fans"

Or something in between? 


I'd have to wonder how they would portray the fans filling Ray Jay. Half from the opposing team and the other half toothless goobers in red Alstott jerseys too drunk to get a coordinated TAMPA --- BAY! chant going? Gotta believe they'd find a way to shit on 'em. Brady or not.

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While it’s true that outbreaks remain in concentrated areas, the virus is all over.  A map with shades of green to red by county would be far more useful, and something that took population density into account would be more useful still.  Reminds me of the ones that make it look like the entire country votes republican because Democrats don’t ever win those big empty counties in rural areas.  

The US has about 1.5m cases... 437,000 are closed cases with documented outcomes.  Of those, about 347,000 cases closed with recovery, and about 91,000 resulted in death.  21% of documented closed cases have resulted in death.  The true mortality rate is certainly a lot lower than that, but it sure as shit ain’t 0.02%


And all of that is WITH all of the social distancing and masks and business closures.  Every epidemiologist or public health expert I can find says it would be exponentially worse if we hadn’t done what we’re doing, and it’ll ramp right back up if we let off the gas too soon. 

I’ve seen mortality rate estimates from .3% up to 5.4% (Johns Hopkins), but there is good info here on mortality rates...


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18 hours ago, Chas said:

It is in the Math. The problem is we do not have the correct numbers to make use of the Math.

Sure, but since every case in the official tally is confirmed, we can reasonably conclude that cases and deaths are far more likely to be under reported than over reported.  If you factor in mild cases, which are harmless to the infected but do spread to virus to people who can get much sicker or die from it, the numbers are drastically higher   For example Los Angeles county did anti-body testing and found between 4 and 5 percent of residents had anti-body’s, meaning around 340,000 infections, while the official total is currently less than 9,000.

Here’s some other numbers for people who keep saying this isn’t any worse than the common flu... Covid has killed more people in Michigan than the flu has killed in the last 20 years:



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14 hours ago, The Rich McKay Conspiracy said:

Sure, but since every case in the official tally is confirmed, we can reasonably conclude that cases and deaths are far more likely to be under reported than over reported. 

Here’s some numbers... Covid has killed more people in Michigan than the flu has killed in the last 20 years:



There's so much data to process and it's not all necessarily recorded uniformly. Dr. Birx and others say we've (the US) been recording fatalities as Covid if they had a positive test even if it's not the actual cause of death. She mentioned others are not doing that. Also there's the unknown number of people who've had mild symptoms and those who remain asymptomatic. They've never been tested of course. Possibly an unusually high number as contagious as this shit is.

So cases may be, or probably are, under reported ...but fatalities may be over reported.

Just an observation. From a message board idiot. Which might rank somewhere near journalist and below expert scientist. There's probably plenty of data on that.

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