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Hargreaves cut by the Texans.

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8 hours ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

Since we saw a lot of the Texans toward the end of the season, VHIII was the same player he was with the Bucs when he moved to the Texans. He seemed to relish in letting a WR catch the ball before making the tackle. Nobody was going to pay him $9mil. He'll probably sign elsewhere for a lot less.

Not that the rest of the secondary was much better, he did little to stop KC's 51-7 onslaught.

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Hate to say I told you so..but fuck me, I told you do.

While some accused me for, whatever reason, of being a Gator homer, I call it like I see it. I said before that draft to avoid VHIII. I mentioned he wasn't good in college when challenged by good WRs (Cooper at Bama) and that teams begun to pick on him down field. I also said his "ball skills" label was bullshit.

Wanted to be wrong him they drafted him, but..


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