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New Uniforms!!!

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The article says the Bucs announced a uniform change. Hopefully the change will be more clear than the announcement. ...And fixes the alien bulb-headed phallic nosed skull.  

I guess there couldn't be a better time for the change. We're all still giddy and celebrating the the Return to Glory and a Bold New Era by the tie for second place instead of last in the division.

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50 minutes ago, jspaldin said:

Well, they're here....

Image result for pirate ballet costume

Influenced by their Code Red program, the Bucs intodroduce a less threatening and more inclusive uniform and logo.

Research indicated the old logo brought images of violent rape, sodomy and pillaging. Fans overwhelmingly reported negative feelings and disturbing memories in focus groups due to seeing this happen to innumerable Buc players during games. 


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