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More positive press for the NFL and the Bucs

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he Tampa Bay Buccaneers have launched an investigation into allegations defensive tackle Rakeem Nunez-Roches abandoned his Cane Corso on the side of a busy road, where it sat for 36 hours.

An animal rescue group found the dog on December 8, whose name is Jitterbug -- sitting on a Florida road tired, hungry and alone. The dog was also missing some teeth.




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Not a breaking story, but what are the Bucs investigating? He's an asshole for dumping his dog. He might be an animal abuser if he's a breeder with that kind of consideration to them. And he's a decent backup on the cheap. Sounds like a leveraged contract is likely.


Update: He's might not be an asshole or puppy mill owner. Bucs might like Roches, pay for Doggie dentures for good PR, based on some story.

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