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Odds of Brady to sign with the Bucs only 9 to 1

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These are Sportsbetting’s top odds for Brady’s potential new team:

Cleveland Browns – 5/1

New England Patriots – 5/1

Las Vegas Raiders – 6/1

Dallas Cowboys – 7/1

Indianapolis Colts  – 7/1 

Los Angeles Chargers – 7/1

Tampa Bay Bucs – 9/1

All other teams are worse. Washington is the longest shot at 33 to 1.

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Brady's not going to leave the Pats think about it he has had the same offense for his whole career. The Pats never went outside the organization when he lost his OC. Do you think he honestly going to take a chance with a new team and if he is terrible the stigma of him being a system QB sticking. 

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26 minutes ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

You guys can have the fantasy but I need the flesh. Miriam always does the trick:



I knew only one Miriam...….she always preferred to test her Gag reflex…...and as a selfless act ...I always helped with her Testing.....

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