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A look ahead at the draft

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Assuming the Bucs resign Winston and Barrett, they will be left with needs at OT, S, RB.

I dont think you spend a first round pick on a RB. They ahould be able to find someone in the mid rounds or maybe a low end FA to provide depth. RoJo and Barber haven't had much room to run or opportunities to get into a rhythm.

A like the young CBs but was pretty disappointed in Edwards. I think with Whitehead and Evans, they could use another safety. But I think they go FA here to pair a vet with the young guys.

That leaves OT. Dotson is nearing the end of a solid career. The depth is thin behind Smith. Thankfully this draft is loaded with talented OTs.

Andrew Thomas

Jedrick Wills

Tristan Wirfs

Thomas is head and shoulders the best OT, so he will most likely be long gone.

Wills would be a good get and a plug and play RT.

Wirfs is intriguing as well, but the game against Michigan exposed him for a guy that will need to improve his technique in the NFL.

The Bucs could also go with an interior OL.  Guard/Center. 

The could use some to push Cappa and/or Jensen.

Tyler Biadasz- Center

Solomon Kindley- Guard 

While drafting a guard or center in the first round isn't sexy, it could be a good move. Jensen is set to earn 10 million with no dead money. While I like his toughness, he's not a very good run blocker and it's hurting the run game a lot IMO. 10 mil is way too much for what he brings.


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The last two games have bothered me as far as the run game. Against the Colts, it was third and inches inside the 15. Bucs lost a 1+ yards. Had to throw on 4th down to Dare to convert the first down just before the winning TD pass. The second and 1 where Barber failed twice to pick it up. He is a decent runner but the OL esp in the center is getting pushed back. Jameis had to convert it with a sneak. As great as the passing game has been, if you can not run the ball it hurts the passing game. At the very least, when you get a lead you want the ability to run that ball and wind down the clock. When the Bucs tried to do that against the Lions, it failed miserably. 


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Beyond Barrett and Winston, there are a lot of other guys who are going to be free agents that the Bucs will have to decide on before a free agency / draft strategy can be worked out.   Suh and JPP come to mind.  Godwin has probably earned a raise even if they can wait a year... Beau Allen, Permian, Peyton Barber, Nassib, and about 15-20 less important players will all need to be re-signed or replaced   

Then we still need upgrades at O-Line, RB, S, and maybe another pass rusher.


It’s extremely nice going into an off-season not worried about finding a kicker though.


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I only see two running backs I would be 'excited' to see drafted, but I am not sure one needs to be excited by a running back pick. Good teams with good offensive lines can make use of a good running back to get tough yards when needed. The key fact for this team would be to have one guy who can run, catch and pass block. Ronald Jones has improved and may continue to do so. That said the only two running backs that I would be happy to see the Bucs pick are:

  • D'Andre Swift
  • Jonathan Taylor

After these two guys, there is a bunch of guys that are 3rd and 4th round talent that could be solid backs.

The real need, to me, is the offensive line, defensive line and safety.

For safety I like:

  • Grant Delpit
  • Xavier McKinney

For offensive line I like:

  • Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
  • Austin Jackson, OT, USC
  • Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn (2nd round)

I have not gotten into the defensive line yet... and I think that the needs will be impacted by the Buccaneer's ability to sign certain players to contracts. I personally would like to draft a DT and let Suh go if he is looking for another payday.

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36 minutes ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

They won't be able to get Delpit where they'll pick. At this point I think it will be OL, maybe DT as I don't think they'll resign Suh (or JPP).  So they could also pick a pass rusher as well. Vet Safety is a definite maybe as is RB.

I'd actually like to see Suh back.  I don't know if the team can afford it, but I think his leadership and experience is a bigger part of the turnaround on defense than we might think. 

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Suh seems to help the run game but he is not a pass rusher. . The sack he got against Detroit the QB ran into him.  If Suh gets a deal, it will be one year because of his age.  Gholston had a game changing play after the pick by hitting the Lions RB 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  He had a couple of tackle for losses.  He might be more valuable than Suh.

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18 hours ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

They won't be able to get Delpit where they'll pick. 

I sure hope you're right. Overhyped player, who I watched whiff too many tackles and had some struggles in the passing game.

I think there are other less hyped safeties in this draft that are going to be better players.

I'd rather see them get a vet safety and let Whitehead,  Evans and Edwards compete. 

OL should be the pick IMO. 

A player to keep an eye on is Isaiah Clemmons. The guy is a freak of an athlete and can line up all over the field. He can play OLBer and rush the passer, safety and cover TEs and RBs, and he can be used as a blitzer. 

He is the type of player who Bowles would love to get his hands on for his defense. 

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