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Winston was spectacular

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19 hours ago, UncleBuc said:

'sif he's the QB whisperer?   That guy has come up with some of the dumbest shit to lose his team games late.    Rook will take it from here.

I agree... but my claim was no more assinine than yours and that was the point. Rivers may not have a Lombardi, but then again he was on a different team. There have been great players that stack up against their peers that were on bad teams... stupid shits like you hold the lack of a trophy up as evidence they were not that 'great'. For example, think of LeRoy Selmon. In other cases, there are players people think are great but turn out to not be so great when they leave the team they established themselves on and failed to have success. Think Matt Cassel, Le'Veon Bell, Nnamdi Asomugha, and Darrelle Revis. These players left their team and their play fell off. Why? Could it be that Football is a team game?

Phillip Rivers has been a very good QB. Brees has been an elite QB. However, neither of us can say who would have been better if Rivers was traded and Brees retained by the Chargers.

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