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Does Jason Licht have a pro-Jameis burner account?

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6 hours ago, UncleBuc said:

Nothing to see here.   The board's Adam Schiff looking for anything he can to finish stroking himself on the endless JW crusade.     Eerily similar to Adam Schiff recorded by Russian DJ's about the naked Trump golden shower photos.      Keep it up TSchiff, eff Free.

In the time it took you to post that Jameis threw three more interceptions.

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1 hour ago, Bucaroo Bonzai said:

Now if it had been Rich McKay and/or Gruden....then it would be really fun to read.  Bitch McKay burning down the house, and Gruden telling us how it is about that POS.

McKay I'd believe 100%. Not that it's not something to put past anyone but this was clearly a sham right from the first 30 secs of the video by the two idiots on whatever website that is.

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