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The Refs like Earl Thomas apparently

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1 hour ago, Ramsforever said:

Who the hell is coaching your guys?  Gregg Williams? 

Carlton Davis ejected for vicious hit.!


Did you see the hit by Earl Thomas vs the hit by Carlton Davis. The QB at Pittsburgh was injured that players on both side thought he was in danger of being paralyzed. Thomas stayed in the game. Bridgewater was not injured on that play by Carlton Davis and was more hurt on a legal hit by DL that hit his ankle.

Meanwhile the Rams guy who busted Jack Cichy'a arm is still playing and unpenalized.

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I thought the same thing when I saw that hit.
But Im sure there is no double standard when it comes to that team from Tampa lol

BTW - plz quit feeding that annoying Rams troll - if no-one responds to his dumbass, he will go back to his pathetic forum.

Thank You, 

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