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I know Samurai is a Braves Fan. What do you think of this?

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I think it needed to happen. Snitker pulled him from a game already this year for the same damned thing. The problem with this playoff game is that it would have changed the dynamic of the 7th inning. He could have been at the least 2nd, and with his speed, really 3rd with no one out in the inning. Instead, he loafed and got stuck at first. Moved over to second on Albies sacrifice, and then got caught off the bag and doubled up on Donaldson's lineout. It changed the whole complexion of that inning and had an affect on the outcome of the game.


That wasn't the only thing. Martin going down with an oblique during warmup tosses in the 7th caused Snitker to have to use the one guy in that bullpen that I absolutely loathe to see coming.......Luke the puke Fucking Jackson......and he promptly gave up a homer to Goldschmidt right away and the night became fuckened from that point on, because Snitker's bullpen plan was scrapped and he had no backup.

Acuna is a kid.....20.....I get that, but he's in the damned major leagues and if he can knock off the Carlos Gomez type antics, he has the potential to be one of the best to ever play the game.....but so was Andruw Jones......the comparisons between those two are frighteningly similar and Andruw never really made the next step to Legendary.

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