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Cash made a lot of good moves tonight in 5-1 win

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What an amazing season. 

Most the "experts", the local radio bozos like Ian Beckels, and a bunch of fans, had this team losing 80 games or more.


Then you had the bandwagon jumpers after their hot start..a lot jumped off the wagon as quickly as they hopped on when the Rays suffered all their injuries and "slumped" in mid summer.


Congrats to this misfit group of characters who everyone thought wouldnt be every good. 

Congrats to Cash for sticking to his guns all year even when he was bashed for his unorthodox style of managing.

I know some of these new bandwagon jumpers will tall about how they arent very good if the Astros beat them.

But the truth is, a team with the lowest payroll in baseball, with a jackass owner who decided that mid-season was a great time to introduce a horrible idea, has proven everyone wrong.

Rays Up fuckers!

I will be there next week to suppprt Tampa Bay's team.

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Yeah the World Series champion Astros team from two years ago who won only 107 games this year which was more than the Yankees. I am amazed the Rays beat them 4-3 in the regular season. Trouble is Verlander beat them 2 out of those 3 losses and gave up only one run in his two starts against the Rays.

The Rays will be big underdogs but the ESPN announcing  crew was writing them off against Oakland. One guy on the crew kept mentioning how the Rays blew a big lead against Oakland earlier this year. Yet the bullpen including Diego Castillo who blew that game kept mowing them down.

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